Noc Muzeów 2023

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Wizerunek Rafała Trzaskowskiego

This Night is unlike others. And it is growing richer year by year. In this – already 19th – edition of the Long Night of Museums in Warsaw, a record number of 270 institutions will take part.

The Long Night of Museums is a great celebration for contemporary explorers. You may contemplate culture and art together. You may also participate in events organised by the City. The detailed programme may be found in the catalogue, so let me mention here only the opportunity to see Warsaw by night from the viewing terrace of the Palace of Culture and Science and an interactive installation in Defilad Square. The Night offers a wide range of events, so we will make sure – like every year – to provide bus transport connecting various attractions. There will be additional night routes operating as well as dedicated museum routes.

I also invite you to visit my office in the City Hall – the place where, especially recently, “history happens”. It is said that there are a thousand books on the shelves there – maybe one of you will count precisely?

I would like to extend a special welcome to 41 places joining the group of institutions participating in the event for the first time. Among them: Warsaw’s Museum of Computers and Video Games, Apple Museum Poland, Cecylia Plater-Zyberk Private School Complex, Służew Funeral Home, and Warsaw Municipal Water and Sewage Enterprise. The latter will allow visitors to take a look at a hundred-year-old storm overflow chamber to which the public generally has no access. I am mentioning these places not only to encourage you to visit them, but to show just how radically the meaning of the word “museum” has changed in contemporary times.

Let us take advantage of the Long Night of Museums – to discover “museology” anew.

Rafał Trzaskowski
Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw


General information

The Long Night of Museums in Warsaw, the largest and at the same time the most recognisable cultural event in the capital, has been extremely popular since 2004. Institutions participating in the Long Night of Museums are active in the field of art, culture, history – and more. They assure interesting and rich entertainment, and present spaces generally unavailable to the public.

The Long Night of Museums is a pan-European event. In Poland, however, it has assumed a broader form than in other countries, encompassing not only museums but also other establishments and institutions related with culture, public life, and science. Participants may enjoy the programme in three distinct ways: watch online in the comfort of one’s own home, take part in open-air events while out on a stroll, and – traditionally – visit a museum. Due to its specific character, the Long Night of Museums takes place in a special, inimitable atmosphere. We invite everyone to participate in the 19th edition of the event.