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Wizerunek Rafała Trzaskowskiego

Dear All,

Another – already 18th – edition of the Long Night of Museums in Warsaw has arrived! One more time, the city will be transformed into a centre of art. This time, the offer prepared by various cultural institutions allows you to enjoy the event in three ways: traditional tours, outdoor events, and online.

This year, specially for you, we have prepared a parade, an exhibition, and rides on historic buses along a sightseeing route encircling the Palace of Culture and Science. Moreover, it is my pleasure to invite you to visit an interactive installation in Defilad Square, which will transport us – literally and figuratively – into the world of art and turn us into protagonists of selected paintings.

Additionally, the programme includes an architecture exhibition at Widok Towers, tours of underground relics of Warsaw’s Old Town, and a silent disco with beats incorporating sampled compositions by W. A. Mozart. We invite you to visit as many as 84 outdoor events, we have prepared numerous attractions for children, and 24 institutions will take part in the event for the first time.

Altogether, 202 institutions active in the capital city have prepared attractions. I thank them all for their effort, for joining the museum celebration, and being open to contemporary audiences and their needs.

I heartily encourage you to participate in this year’s Long Night of Museums. Let us not sleep through an occasion like this.

Rafał Trzaskowski
Mayor of the Capital City of Warsaw


General information

The 18th edition of the Long Night of Museums in Warsaw will take place as soon as 14th May 2022. The biggest and most recognisable cultural event in the capital city has enjoyed immense popularity since 2004. Institutions participating in the Long Night of Museums are active in the field of art, culture, history – and more. They assure interesting and rich entertainment, and present spaces generally unavailable to the public.

The Long Night of Museums is a pan-European event. In Poland, however, it has assumed a broader form than in other countries, encompassing not only museums but also other establishments and institutions related with culture, public life, and science. Participants may enjoy the programme in three distinct ways: watch online in the comfort of one’s own home, take part in open-air events while out on a stroll, and – traditionally – visit a museum. Due to its specific character, the Long Night of Museums takes place in a special, inimitable atmosphere. We invite everybody to attend the 18th edition of the event.